Real World Matters will collaborate with workplaces and talented storytellers to exponentially increase opportunities for teens to engage with world-class brands and their staff, leveling the playing field for futures in STEM.

Support RWM's Novel Solution

RWM will support talented teachers as change makers in education, advancing projects for teens to engage with world-class organizations. Akin to how the Sundance Institute champions artists and their works.

Our Team

Carolyn Harris and the RWM team bring 25 years of leading quality after school programs with top workplaces like NASA, Columbia University, The White House, Virgin Records, National Press Club and the American Institute for Architects.

Why I'm Involved

Karen Arnold is a talent development scholar at Boston College. Understanding how ICP acted as a key driver of STEM success is her next project.

Our Story

RWM’s model is inspired by ICP’s story, engaging under-served teens and their teachers with world-class brands, missions and people.

Research and Findings

ICP Alumni 20 Years Later: 98% graduated from college; 68% have advanced degrees; 80% are working in STEM



NASA GISS and Columbia University

Project: Climate Change in the Classroom

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NASA GISS at Columbia University